Independent Sales Representatives

Internet Fulfillment Services (IFS) has a full line of products that work well with the small brick and mortar retail Partners. IFS is always looking for new Manufacturers in need of product representation and distribution in brick and mortar, e-commerce and drop ship services. There are three primary benefits to the brick and mortar store, which translate into higher commission dollars for you. 

A broader selection with minimal investment. The brick and mortar can buy single items expanding the product offering to their consumer, or buy case packs at a reduced rate.

  1. 24 hour ordering. Place orders on our wholesale website 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  2. Same-day shipping. Place your order before 12 noon and receive same-day shipping for products shipped directly from IFS's warehouse.

    If you are a national or regional Independent Sales Representative, and are searching for new product lines to sell, please contact for more information.