Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our drop ship and/or wholesale programs. Please contact an IFS team member if you do not find the answer to your question.

  • (TBA) Customized Pack Slips: As an order ships direct from an IFS warehouse, your customer will receive a pack slip with your branded logo, and a space for a promotion such as a coupon code to entice your customers to return. 
  • Who is eligible? All wholesale accounts are eligible. You must have the ability (and proper documentation) to purchase wholesale. Whether a start-up or mature business, we have a program designed to fit your needs.
  • What is the initial set up? Once approved, you will receive log in access to this website. Once logged in, a whole world opens up with links to get your started. 
  • What is the cost of your program? There is no upfront cost to the drop ship or wholesale programs. However, we are looking for serious partners interested in growing their business by representing our valued partner manufacturers and their respective products. There is a minimum monthly purchase commitment in order to maintain an active status in our program. This allows you to qualify by selling products versus throwing more money at a program just to get started. The requirement is nominal and is meant to ensure you are serious about sustaining and growing your business. 
  • What is my margin? Your margin is based on the difference between your cost of the product and the selling price. If there is a drop ship fee, it is already added to the cost of your product. Therefore, you will always know your margins without having to guess on additional fees. 
    • Volume discounts are available base don monthly purchase averages (January through October). Contact your IFS account manager.
  • What are my Fees? Every order placed with us will incur a $1 handling fee (per order). That's it! 
    • Can I purchase inventory? Whether a brick and mortar or pure play e-commerce business, you have access to purchase as drop ship or for inventory. Contact your account manager to purchase inventory in bulk (secret: it costs less). 
    • What tools do you offer? Access to the standard data, images, content, and inventory files are provided. Bulk order file uploads are available to higher volume partners. Contact an IFS account manager to see if you qualify. Additional integrations may be available upon request. Please contact an IFS account manager if you have a specific request.
    • Can you help me with my website? The simple answer is no. You are considered the expert in your field of website development and retail e-commerce selling. Our job is to provide you the opportunity to sell products without having to carry inventory costs. We are simply your supply chain and not your web development partner. We provide basic tools for ease of operation, such as inventory files, data, content images, bulk order uploads, etc. You are expected to be able to utilize these tools to efficiently represent and sell products. Please do not ask us to be your web consultant. However, as your business grows, we can implement automated processes to streamline the relationship. Give us a call if that is needed.
    • What is with the NFL and MLB and their "no third party" e-commerce selling? This is a question that must be asked directly to each group. Marketplace selling channels are the fastest growing market segment on the Internet. Our guess is that because it is also the most easily accessible, it has a significant impact on selling counterfeit products and price erosion. Only a guess, but we believe until this segment can be managed well, it will be off limits for a while. We continue to try and educate each league on our business model designed to protect the manufacturer, league and customer.