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Half the battle in e-commerce retail selling is sourcing reputable drop ship suppliers that provide attractive products and margins. The other half is deciding on the correct technology platform; service and seller differentiation; scalable automation; and, knowledge of market conditions in order to make business profitable.

Internet Fulfillment Services (IFS) is by far the simplest of drop ship service providers. With over twenty-five manufacturers (and growing rapidly) and thousands of products in our program, IFS provides a single price without handling fees. In other words, you know your margins based on the cost of the product (less shipping). Further, we do not charge a fee for our services. IFS works closely with our manufacturer partners to provide products at a reasonable cost to you. 

Other Benefits:

Tiered Discounts: Discounts on Dropship orders will be based on sales item $ amount over a 6 month rolling average.

The Manufacturer: IFS partners with each manufacturer to understand their complete business requirements. In some cases, we become a supplement to our Manufacturer Partner's marketing strategy. This unique relationship translates as a benefit to our B2B customers in enhanced services, pricing and managed market penetration.

Kitting and Cross-Kitting: Our shipments have increased over 200% with the ability to cross-kit manufacturer's products. Not only does this process support our manufacturers, but it enhances our B2B partner's capabilities by differentiating value in the market.

  • Are there specific products you want kitted together to differentiate your offering - perhaps a marketing promotion?
IFS provides this unique kitting capability, and doesn't cost you a dime (with exception of drive and creativity).

    Technology: IFS has a service-level to fit your technology requirements. We understand that as your business grows, so may your integration requirements - no problem! Our services include full integration; partial integration; automatic updates and dynamic inventory files. We want you to focus on your customer relationship in order to build a reputation in service and value.

    Sourcing: Have you analyzed the costs associated with processing one order? Now, multiply that order across multiple suppliers. Get the picture? Consolidating suppliers is the first step in gaining net margin and profitability. If IFS does not currently inventory your top-selling products, challenge us to fulfill your needs. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop and help you increase your net margin through product selection, price and availability.  

    Packing Slip Marketing: As a key element to your repeat customer business, IFS provides a branded, customized, pack slip with any order that ships to your customer direct from our warehouse.

    Fulfillment by IFS: Are you interested in increasing margins, or guaranteeing product during the busy holiday seasons? Analyze your top-selling products and invest by pre-purchasing inventory at a lower cost. IFS will warehouse and ship direct to your customer. Create your own kit combinations that differentiate you from the competition. IFS will combine products and ship direct to your customer.

    Let IFS help you grow your business! We should be viewed as a dedicated specialist and strategical resource. 

    Please contact fulfillment@ifsb2b.com for more information.

    Kitting and Cross-kitting          Multiple Manufacturer's as one SKU